I feel like we've learned something new about the Eagles-Giants game every day this week.


Today I learned something that temporarily made my heart stop when I read it.


DeSean Jackson's walkoff punt return touchdown could have been called back because of a penalty.


When Jackson cut across the field before heading into the goal line, Eagles players dashed onto the field in celebration. Ballhype reports that at least seven players were on the field before Jackson scored.


Imagine if the touchdown had been nullified because of players on the field. I can't even begin to think of that.


This wouldn't have been such a big deal, but just last week, Jets coach Sal Alosi made headlines when he tripped Dolphins' player Nolan Carroll on a special teams play.


The NFL issued warnings to all 32 teams before Week 15.


I hate to say this, again, but DeSean Jackson really needs to learn to celebrate after he reaches the end zone. After. Not before.


Then again, he might have been truly trying to run out the clock. I don't know.


And blame must go to the players for running onto the field before the touchdown was scored.


It's scary to think about what could have happened and I'm just thankful the touchdown counted.