After Sunday's miracle victory, quarterback Michael Vick expressed his feelings about the New York Giants players walking off the field without shaking hands.


Michael Vick told Peter King of Sports Illustrated that he was upset none of the Giants stayed on the field for postgame handshakes. "Their entire team ran off the field without shaking hands, which I felt was unsportsmanlike,'' Vick said. "But I know that's a tough way to lose.''


The New York Post also took a shot at Michael Vick, running a headline, "Giant Dog It." Pictured are two dogs' heads in New York Giants uniforms.


No credit is given to the incredibly plays made by Michael Vick or DeSean Jackson.


Nope. It was all a collapse.


You know what I think, New York?


We took Cliff Lee from you and we're taking the division title from you.


What a week.